Adam Hurwitz
computer generated video

news/upcoming shows

10/15/2015: Interview with three videos in
Tupelo Quarterly

5/9/2015 – 5/31/2015 "Let's Be Real" at Projekt722 in Brooklyn, NY

5/2/2015 – 5/26/2015 MacDowell Colony (Heinz studio)

4/18/2015: Boundbrook will be shown at at the 53rd International Show at the San Diego Art Institute, 1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA, 92101

2/19/2015 – 3/4/2015: Clipper at the AC Institute, 547 West 27th Street #210, New York, NY 10001

2/2/2015 – 3/20/2015: Alternative Topographies, Salisbury University Electronic Gallery, Salisbury University, Maryland

2014 fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts from the New York Foundation for the Arts